Grade 11 Might Not Be That Big of a Leap

Grades 11 and 12 are the prime time when students get ready to face the vast world. At this time, the young adults are sensitive but enthusiastic. They aspire to prepare to the best of their abilities with as many resources as they can procure before leaving for an extraordinary future.
Students strive to achieve the best marks in all the examinations in their plus 2 level. Ample preparation is the most rudimentary requirement. Regular reviewing of study materials and solving of practice problems can help attain their goals.
Hence, the necessary particulars include:
• Guidance: Student can pick up on the complex aspects of a subject only when their basics are lucid. Thus, proper teaching, instructions and advice of teachers, parents and fellow students are essential to ensure the adequate transference of the fundamentals.
• Study Materials: Preparation for an examination is impossible without the utilization of some reference resources. Here, books, online pdfs, notes provided by teachers and PowerPoint Presentations come into play.
• Time Management: It is a crucial part of examination preparation that facilitates students to prepare for each subject equally. It helps segregate the plans of the day and allocate particular periods for each. It also allows for a relaxed recess or leisure time to relieve students of pent-up stress.
• Group Study: A group discussion serves two purposes. It helps a student jot down the various aspects of a solution, permitting a to-the-point answer. It also helps the students teach one another, clearing the existing confusion of both parties.
• Mock Tests: Merely absorbing the knowledge of and understanding a subject is not enough. It is imperative to test oneself using sample to check the progress of the preparation. Mock tests allow students to trace their errors and discover the areas of improvement. It also grants them the ability to think up different ways to answer the same question so that the best response may fetch maximum marks.  

Examples of Examination Papers:
There are a colossal number of examinations in all countries all over the world. India is no exception. Consequently, assessment papers are available for each test on the internet.
Some of these include:
• Granada Learning- GL Papers
• National Talent Search Examination- NTSE Papers
• International Mathematics Olympiad- IMO Papers
• Unified Cyber Olympiad- UCO Papers
• Maths Talent Search Examination- MTSE Papers
• National Science Olympiad- NSO Papers
• Centre of Evaluation and Monitoring- CEM Papers
• Kishore Vaigyanic Protsahan Yojana- KVPY Papers
• Dr. Homi Baba Bal Vaidyanik Spardha- HBBVS Papers
Research has proven that students who follow all the necessary factors to prepare for grade 11 and 12 examinations have shown strikingly better results. The main idea is to comprehend the nature of each assessment and plan out accordingly.